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Pacific Coast

More than sand, sun & sea

Ecuador’s coastline offers more than unspoiled beaches. It’s also the tallest mangroves and largest petrified trees in the world, fresh sea food and tropical plantations, diving and whale watching, timeless beachcombing and the oldest ceramic cultures dated 4,000 BC at archaeological sites, interspersed amongst quiet villages with candid people. The only country in the entire Pacific basin to be washed by warm and cold ocean currents, this region is packed with excitement from its gateway cities of Guayaquil, Manta or Portoviejo, with several daily flights from Quito, or if you wish, an awesome overland journey down the Andes Mountains into the western tropics.
Guayaquil highlights
One of the largest harbors in the Pacific Coast
Tropical plantation adventure
A world of tropical delights

Machalilla National Park
Forests, islands and tranquil beaches