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Galapagos Islands

Sustainable wildlife observation

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about "Treasure Island". Charles Darwin found it. Well, not one but a dozen of them. Yes, miracles do happen – 1000 km west of Ecuador's mainland – the Galapagos Islands. Strange. Different. Unimaginable. Why? Gigantic 200 year-old tortoises. Moonlike landscapes and emerald-green coves. Flightless cormorants. Cacti the size of trees. Sunken volcanic craters. Webbed feet in brilliant blues and reds. Plunge down into the underwater world and a chubby sea lion or tiny penguin might brush by your side and disappear among rainbows of tropical fishes. Watch out where you step – it might not be a rock but a marine iguana sunning itself, for here animals display no fear of humans, a world of peace and harmony. Is this a Hollywood set? No, it's the real thing! It's Galapagos, a miracle of nature! No wonder UNESCO declared the islands a World Natural Heritage Site in 1978.
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