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Shamanism and natural healing

Coming home changed

Spa treatments are enhanced the closer you are to the equator, where its non-seasonal climate contributes to a stress-free mood and a more balanced body and spirit. The subtropical and Andean regions offer an array of establishments specializing in massage therapy, shiatsu, acupressure and aromatherapy to the more participative techniques like yoga, meditation, tai chi and more. Exquisite natural settings enhance the experience, whether they're near snow-capped mountains or waterfalls, vibrant jungles or peaceful grasslands, thermal springs or ice-cold streams. Better yet, meet a yachag or indigenous healer to balance your energy during a most remarkable ceremony!

Spirits of the jungle, 4 days

Shamanism is the internationally accepted term for "natural healing" where "treating the patient" is just as important as "treating the ailment". It is a much more personalized approach to medicine, where the emotional is intimately tied into the physical. The results are, to say the least, most effective. Journey overland and down into the exuberant Amazon cloud forest, past plunging streams and waterfalls. At the end of the road, hike into the forest and be welcomed at an indigenous lodge. Hike to a sacred waterfall and learn to "read the forest" as your naturalist guides teach you about the practical uses of plants and other gifts from Nature that are used in their medicine, food and construction materials. One of the evenings will be set aside for the natural medicine session, where you will learn stress-reduction techniques with the use of drums. Then it’s back up the Andes via a different route into the expansive paramo grasslands. An experience never to be forgotten, you are sure to come home revitalized!
Amazon tributary<br />
Amazon tributary
Amazon canoeing<br />
Amazon canoeing
Ayahuasca preparation<br />
Ayahuasca preparation
Sacred cascade<br />
Sacred cascade