Handcrafting adventures in Ecuador and Peru since 1979
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Adventure travel

Moving through Ecuador

Ramble through Ecuador's magnificent four regions: snorkel in the Galapagos Islands; kayak and raft in the cloud forests on either side of the Andes or reach their snow-crowned summits; ride your horse between colonial haciendas; bike down the slopes of a volcano; paddle winding Amazon networks; zip-line your body over a dense canopy; or do your aerobics straddling the equator! And after the day is done, surrender yourself to an expert massage treatment. Indeed, there is fun for kids of all ages and interests!
Bird watching
Look for colorful feathers in flight
Andean horseback riding
Travel through awesome Andean landscapes

Cloud forest rafting
Glide your way down the rapids
Andean zip-lining adventure
Fly over misty forests

Andean mountain biking
Explore the Andes on two wheels