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Luxury experiences

And now we bring you… Luxury Travel Experiences for Everyone!

Conventional “luxury travel” has always been tied to staying at luxuriously expensive hotels and lodges. However, at Nuevo Mundo Expeditions we changed that to offer each and every one of our guests “luxury experiences” regardless of where you overnight! Wildlife and cultural encounters in the most exquisite settings are there to enjoy through our innovative programs – and where you stay is your call, depending on your budget and/or preferences.

Our quality services are not dictated by price, but rather by commitment – and our commitment is you! We honor the fact that every guest is different, which makes us different when showing you the best of Ecuador & Peru.

So, put the key elements together: Lukury experiences for you in Ecuador & Peru, and get ready for your trip of a lifetime!

Remember: At Nuevo Mundo Expeditions we always make it happen – for everyone!
See photos of our luxury settings for Ecuador & Peru:
Fogged Andes<br />
Fogged Andes
Ancient ceramic<br />
Ancient ceramic
Aerial biking<br />
Aerial biking
Amazonian sunset<br />
Amazonian sunset