Handcrafting adventures in Ecuador and Peru since 1979
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Why does Nuevo Mundo Expeditions always have something special?

It has to do with "sustainable marketing", an advanced approach to advertising that:

Makes operators responsible for newly discovered tour destinations as a means of safeguarding the very attractions visitors came to see in the first place, including indigenous cultures and their ecosystems.

Observes a gradual approach to ecotourism development through proper training of local communities living in or around tour attractions.

Keeps newly discovered sites from going public, until proper management guarantees that tourism will not change the picture for those being visited, including flora and fauna.

Fosters "ecotourism reserves" for future development and visitation for generations to come.

That's why we keep Ecuador and Peru’s "other ingredients" fresh until the timing is right to produce even more enticing "travel recipes" to nourish your appetite. And that's about 30% of our product! So, at Nuevo Mundo Expeditions there is always something new cooking – for you!
Ecotourism development

Nuevo Mundo Expeditions got involved in conservation through responsible travel long before the concept of "ecotourism" was proposed.

Moreover, our interests have been centered at introducing the tenets of this exciting trend to the mainstream travel industry.

We believe in "playing it simple" when it comes to defining Ecotourism:

Ecotourism is loving what you know and protecting what you love. Ecotourism is not feeling or acting like an introduced species. Ecotourism is a good deal for humans and their environment. Ecotourism is uniting conservation and travel. Ecotourism is coming home changed. Ecotourism is remembering your trip forever.

-Oswaldo Muñoz-