Handcrafting adventures in Ecuador and Peru since 1979
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Why Nuevo Mundo?

Great value

You always get more than what you bargained for. Our trips include a lot of unique features and added surprises.

We are different

We ask questions, do research, conduct quality control, scout for new sites and programs in order to have answers and solutions to your needs and interests. No two tours are ever alike, since you make the difference!

Personalized itineraries

This is our specialty! Just let us know the general requirements, approximate arrival date, number of participants and days available in Ecuador and we will immediately send you handcrafted itineraries and prices.

Land travel is provided in accordance with program, type of terrain and number of participants – by motor coach, van or 4-wheel drive vehicles. On the river, motor dugouts and paddle canoes for access into narrow waterways make nature explorations easy and enjoyable. All meet standard safety requirements.

Accommodations and meals

We have selected the finest city hotels and the most comfortable and charming lodges, villas and haciendas for our in-the-field programs. On-the-road snacks and appetizers, first-aid medical supplies and general logistics are provided. During outings in the jungle and mountains, our experienced crew sets up camp, providing ample tents, inflatable mattresses and linen, and hearty full-course meals served to your table.

Any vegetarians or special dietary requirements? We structure special meals in advance so no one feels left out. After all, great meals are part of a great trip!

Finest professional guides

The most experienced multilingual guides and native indigenous escorts conduct excursions in the jungles and mountains. Also, daily briefings are given on major points of interest and ample instruction on how to prepare for the following day.