Handcrafting adventures in Ecuador and Peru since 1979
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About us

Nuevo Mundo Expeditions creates the most outstanding programs to our destinations' lesser-known natural and cultural wonders. Impeccable logistics and personable, multilingual guides support these unforgettable journeys.

For decades we've literally walked, rafted, camped, canoed and trekked Ecuador and Peru. That's the way we design and operate tours others think are just not possible. Moreover, we know places guidebooks don't!

Ecuador is adventure, fun, excitement, uniqueness. This small country that accounts for only 0.2% of the world’s land surface harbors enormous biological and cultural diversity, which UNESCO has acknowledged by declaring three places – two cities and one national park – World Heritage Sites. And being small has its advantages, since you can get from one ecosystem to another fast and easy.

Peru is revisiting the past, through its archaeological sites in the most amazing natural settings. Though Machu Picchu is the centerpiece, we know of other beautifully remote and pristine villages where the natives, clothed in bursting colors, rival with the breath-taking topography.

Co-owners of charming 4-star Hotel Sebastian in Quito and of the Manatee Amazon Explorer riverboat, we also co-sponsor television specials, magazine articles and extraordinary projects centered round our unique destinations in support of conservation through ecotourism.

At Nuevo Mundo Expeditions, we promote ecotourism and fair trade through responsible tourism and cultural enhancement in all regions of Ecuador & Peru.

So, come and see why we are affordable, high-quality travel for today's generation... and tomorrow's... ever since 1979.

Enthusiastically yours,

The Nuevo Mundo Family
We've grown to know Ecuador & Peru best!
Our Mission Statement

"We are innovative handcrafted adventures in Ecuador & Peru since 1979. We create life-changing travel experiences that unite the world through our passion for distinctive ecotourism.
We are Nuevo Mundo Expeditions”.