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Gracias por la elaboración de un viaje tan maravilloso. Nos gustaría haber tenido más tiempo para pasar allí. Desde el principio fue una experiencia tan maravillosa. El hotel en Quito fue fabuloso. La experiencia con Reinaldo (gran guía!) y Ángel en la selva fue increíble. No podríamos haber pedido mejores guías y anfitriones. La parada en Baños fue estupenda, y Cuenca fue una experiencia maravillosa. Sebastián en Cuenca fue un guía extraordinario, y el hotel era increíble y los propietarios y el personal excelentes. Sin duda, volveremos. Realmente nos enamoramos de Ecuador y esperamos más visitas y estancias prolongadas. Sólo menos de parte favorable (pero comprensible) fue el viaje en autobús hasta Cuenca. Os agradezco y felicito por sus opciones para nosotros y las personas y empresas que con las que nos conectó de primera categoría.
- David & Lori Miller, USA, May 2015.

First of all, I wouldd like to say that our trip to Galapagos was a very unique and in all respects wonderful experience! We enjoyed it very much! We always had friendly and helpful guides, who would point out anything interesting on the tours, so we learned a lot about the islands. We were also very satisfied with the accommodations, especially with the one on Isabella Island, to which we were somehow upgraded :) When we had any wish concerning where or what to have for dinner, somebody from town helped with the arrangement, which was also very nice. Also we liked the generally small group size. Thank you so much for organizing it for us!
- Sonja Blumenstock, Germany, November 2014.

My husband and I just spent 2 weeks (Sept. 23-Oct.7, 2014) on a tour specifically designed for us by Oswaldo & Julieta Munoz. This was our first experience traveling out of the US together and we cannot say thank you enough for how this trip was arranged. Never having used a tour guide before, we were not sure what to expect. As it turned out, we will most assuredly use Nuevo Mundo again to arrange a 2-3 week tour of the Amazon, and possibly Peru. From the moment we were picked up at Quito airport until we were dropped back there for our flight home, everything was arranged. We had a couple times where we were uncertain what was expected of us (at the very beginning of the trip) but a quick phone call to Julieta assured us that all was arranged and we learned to just relax and trust that everything was taken care of. They provided us with excellent guides in every area we visited: Manabi province (Puerto Lopez, in particular, as well as Isla de la Plata & Machalilla National Park); Guayaquil; Churute Nature Reserve; Cuenca; Ingapirca; Banos; Quito; and the Imbabura Province (Otavalo and Cotacachi, in particular). We saw a lot of Ecuador in a too short two week tour! Every guide was fluent in English, an excellent driver (or had a good driver provided), and had amazing knowledge of and pride in their country. Oswaldo has contacts in every area of Ecuador, it seems, and he uses them well to get his clients the best tour possible. This was certainly an amazing "Get acquainted with Ecuador" tour and well worth every dollar we spent. Thank you, Oswaldo & Julieta! We do look forward to using your services again for a stress-free, amazing tour of more of your beautiful country.
- Kerry & Christopher Smith, USA, September 2014.

Dear Oswaldo, thank you, Julieta and Paul our driver for the land services that were provided by Nuevo Mundo. The transfer drivers were on time and very helpful. Paul is a great driver and guide. The accommodations and meals in Quito, Riobamba, Ingapirca and Cuenca were outstanding. We enjoyed the Deep Blue in the Galapagos. The naturalist guide was excellent.
- Carol & John Broderick, USA, February 2014.

Hola Julieta, Hemos terminado nuestro tour, que ha resultado maravilloso. Conocimos lugares bellísimos, y el trabajo de Iván Vizcaíno (guía) fue impecable e invalorable: ejerce su oficio con solidez profesional, con calidez y con pasión. En particular, agradezco tu sugerencia de visitar la laguna de Quilotoa; tanto la laguna en sí, como el camino que lleva a ella, quitan el aliento de tan bonitos. Gracias por todo, saludos afectuosos.
- Omar Malet & Cristina García, Argentina, January 2014.

El Hotel Sebastian, tanto la habitación como el trato del personal y flexibilidad a nuestros horarios, fueron excelentes. En cuanto al Manatee, también disfrutamos mucho. Nos vino muy bien tener al comienzo del viaje las excursiones con guías naturalistas y todas las excursiones/explicaciones que nos dieron, para poder disfrutar más a fondo la bajada del río. Como decían las guías de viaje, las mejores reservas y la parte más bonita del Amazonas es la de Ecuador. Por lo cual mereció mucho la pena pasar 10 días del mes en vuestro país. De nuevo muchas gracias por toda tu ayuda, que fue muy profesional y cálida.
- Clara Cea & Luis Bernal, España, July 2013.

Really enjoyed the many aspects of our tour – and we had an exceptional week in the Galapagos. Highlights were the outdoor activities, waterfalls, volcanos (even climbing to 5000 m) and general Ecuador’s scenery. Around Baños was particularly impressive. Guides did a great job and really new background knowledge and history of places visited. Accommodation was excellent throughout and we wished we had an extra day at the lovely Hacienda just to chill out and enjoy the ambiance. Thanks to all involved in particular Paul who we spent most time with (he took us to some great handpicked restaurants with Ecuadorian cuisine). Also to Nuevo Mundo for the professional manor our tour was organised and conducted.
- John & Carolyn Miller, Australia, July 2013.

Dear Oswaldo, Thank you so very much for the fantastic tour yesterday (July 6, 2013) It was the best ever. We enjoyed every minute from beginning to end. You are such a wealth of knowledge - Id like to tuck you in my back pocket. LOL. Thanks again for a great day. Best regards, Rochelle & Art Flory.
- Rochele Flory, USA, July 2013.

Our trip in Ecuador included everything that you could ask for if you are looking for the perfect balance between adventure and vacation. All the excursions were exemplary planned and you could really notice the guides passion for their work. The time in Ecuador was unlike anything weve ever experienced before. We got to explore the Amazon, go up in the highlands and be a part of the local peoples everyday life, get familiar with the Ecuadorian culture and food (which was excellent) and visit the Galapagos islands. This was a once in a life time experience and when we went to the Galapagos we could almost not believe that it all was for real. That the people were service minded, friendly and welcoming were just a huge plus outside of the whole experience that contributed to the summary of the trip that would get the highest grade in any way.
- Maria Pettersson, Sweden, January 2013.

We truly recommend Nuevo Mundo Expeditions to anybody who is planning a trip to Ecuador. Had an absolutely incredible rich experience that we will never forget, NME went far beyond customer service excellence and expectations! Julietas extensive knowledge and her passion for Ecuador resulted in a superbly organized, educational and adventure packed trip. Her great itinerary tailoring took into account our interests also left us flexibility to explore. Our guides smoothed the way to quickly get to the most important sites and events; Paul’s knowledge of the country, history, culture, and the local food and plant life was on the level of a university professor. We saw and understood so much more than we would have without his assistance. Travelling with Paul and Vlady (driver) was like travelling with friends. Quito to Guayaquil: Otavalo market, Quilotoa Loop, Cotapaxi Volcano, Banos, Cuenca, Devils Nose Train, were just a few of the memorable highlights, along with surprises like a Boleyball game with students at a local school, a "cuy specialty" restaurant, Inca Trail hike, and coco plantation tour....and the list goes on..., a huge thank you to Julieta and NME!
- Gary, Deb, Ryan & Kyle Thompson, Canada, September 2012.

THE TRIP WAS FANTASTIC! As were both Paul and Vlady! Ive attached an unprocessed Venus transit photo below. Thanks to all of you for helping me get that picture!
- Larry Hample & Co., USA, June 2012.

We had a wonderful time on our week long extension. They were all great guides and good drivers although we did notice that driving in Ecuador is quite different from that in the USA. We felt the itinerary was perfect for us. We had just the right amount of free time, village and market time, hiking and were pleased to discover the Festival of Corpus Christy on Thursday night. The restaurants were very nice and the food excellent however usually too great a quantity for us. Thank you for providing us with an excellent experience. When we think back to our 22 days, we both agreed that the Galapagos and the Volcanoes and Highlands time were the highlights of the whole trip.
- Robert & Nancy Carpenedo, USA, June 2012.

Dear Oswaldo and dear Julieta: I am writing you to thank you for the good organization of our trip. We enjoyed a lot to travel around your beautiful country. The guides you chose for us were really well prepared and so kind. Paúl and Carlos showed us a lot of nice places considering the time we had at disposition. We appreciated in particular the flexibility and the possibility to choose how much time to spend in a place without hurry. Thanks for all these things; for sure we will speak very well about your agency to our friends.
- Rossella & Carmen, Italy, April 2012.

Hi Oz! The tour you set up for us was wonderful :) ;) ! We learned a lot in a short period of time and did much over 7 days. Now were pretty much exhausted. The first day with you was fabulous and helped set the tone for the remainder of our trip. Loved the chocolates! The show was good, very colorful. We actually danced with one of the female dancers in the isle at the end of the show. Much thanks to both Paul and Carlos for their assistance, expertise and patience. Thank you again for making our trip a GREAT EXPERIENCE for us.
- Steve & Teresa Sorkin, USA, March 2012.

We had a great trip and we thank you for all of your help. We enjoyed the country and especially all the beautiful people we met. We felt safe and everyone was so very honest. You are the nicest, kindest people that we have ever met in all of our travels. Thank you.
- Rob & Nancy Salvatore, USA, February 2012.

¡Hola Julieta! Te cuento que hemos regresado encantados, diría yo, enamorados de Quito, nos pareció una ciudad muy linda y limpia, con gente cálida y acogedora, realmente superó nuestras expectativas. Del viaje a la selva, que contarte, el barco [Manatee Amazon Explorer] nos pareció confortable y el personal altamente capacitado y profesional, todo el tiempo preocupados por darnos un excelente servicio y así lo hicieron. Al decir de los franceses "chapeau" para los guías, grandes conocedores del lugar, para ellos nuestras más sinceras felicitaciones. El resultado de nuestro viaje fue que nos quedamos con ganas de Ecuador, así que en las próximas vacaciones o las siguientes andaremos nuevamente por allí para ver lugares de la sierra que no pudimos ver en este viaje y además Galápagos.
- Gerardo Villán, Argentina, January 2012.

We would like to express our gratitude for your counseling, flawless organization and constant care for us during our trip. We had the most fantastic time and, thanks to you, we now have great memories of Ecuador which we will cherish for the years to come. Best regards and thanks again for everything.
- Yseult & Luc Hang, France, January 2012.

The trip was incredible, I would be hard pressed to ask for more. After Cotapaxi we returned to Quito for the Good Friday procession. This was my favorite event, Ive never seen anything like it. Hard to describe in a brief email. Id also like to say that Oswaldo was an excellent guide, extremely accommodating and helpful. Whenever we had an issue he did his best to resolve it immediately. His knowledge of Ecuador and the culture is quite extensive and he seemed to have personal connections and perks everywhere we went.
- Porter Yates, USA, April 2011.

Everything was so great. It was a really special trip.
- Kelsy Yates, USA, April 2011.

A paixão com que a "família Nuevo Mundo" apresenta toda a variedade equatoriana aos turistas e a atenção personalizada aos grupos. Vocãs fazem com que a gente se sinta literalmente em casa. Além disso, o calor humano e a simpatia das pessoas em todos os lugares visitados; as paisagens podem ser fantásticas mas o que deixa lembranças para sempre são os contatos humanos.
- Luciano Dutra, Brazil, March 2011.

Having a private car and guide, Paul, who was very knowledgeable about the nature, geography, history and culture of mainland Ecuador was very enjoyable and having the flexibility to change the itinerary if we wished. We thought having a local travel company organize our trip specifically for us was a great idea and we were correct! A big THANK-YOU to everyone involved in making our trip special and memorable, we really got the "feel" of the country and its people. It was all the special, warm and welcoming people we met along the way that made our trip so wonderful.
- Fay & Lars Tegemyr, Sweden, January 2011.

I have given a presentation on our trip to my study club. Also commented to many others that I was impressed with how well organized the trip was: transportation, events, tours. Also, how very knowledgeable all the guides were, especially on the Manatee. Have recommended the Manatee, and Oswaldos agency, to many who have expressed an interest in traveling to Ecuador. Perhaps my one very personal experience was when I did not make my original flight to Quito, had an emergency number to reach Oswaldo, and he quickly assured me that he would have someone met me when I arrived the next night. And of course, he did.
- Joy Welty, USA, January 2011.

Nuevo Mundo (Oswaldo) goes out of its way to make your trip special. They provide experiences tailored to the interests of the group with some special surprises thrown in.
- Sally Vogel, USA, January 2011.

We LOVED our vacation [in Galapagos]!!! Your tour guides met us at the airport (despite a two hour delay), and took care of us every minute from then on. We were awakened by smiling, happy guides, our tours were amazing, and we were kept well fed and hydrated at all times. Our day trips were exciting, beautiful and exhausting, just as we would hoped! Thank you for all of your patience and advice while we planned this trip. It was a great success because of you and your organization!
- Maury Bohan, USA, April 2010.

Previous services were outstanding! Silvana is not only an excellent and careful driver but also an outstanding guide. My wife especially enjoyed having another woman to talk and share with. The accommodations at Posada Ingapirca were exceptional, and we enjoyed the Devils Nose Train.
- Leo & Yvonne Hastings, USA, March 2010.

Nous vous remercions beaucoup. Nous avons été ravis de notre voyage dans votre si beau pays. Le circuit et les activités étaient trés bien organisés. Encore mille merci = MUCHAS GRACIAS.
- Bernard & Marcienne Azam, France, January 2010.

I had a great time with Oswaldo during the time that he was showing me around and really liked that fact we went to some unexplored places, and ended up in places I never thought I would see. The Manatee was a trip I will never forget and will definitely be recommending this to everyone. Thanks for a memorable holiday in Ecuador.
- Tiffany Shervell, USA, August 2009.

The 3 days of touring with NME were excellent and I would definitely use the organization again. I have already recommended NME to friends that want to explore the Amazon.
- Tamara Seymour, USA, August 2009.

We truly loved Ecuador, it is a beautiful country. The best part of our Nuevo Mundo experience was the rainforest visit. I know there are lots of so called "jungle lodges" but this experience was so different. We loved Cuenca and the drive from Ambato to Guaranda. We went to the Galapagos after the land tour, and that was the highlight of our Ecuadorian experience. We had a great time, saw a lot of the country and appreciate the tour you set up for us.
- Igo & Cookie Jurgens, USA, April 2009.

Hola Oswaldo! I was in Ecuador at the beginning of the year with my wife Letizia. We remember really often the wonderful days spent in Ecuador and Galapagos, listening to the beautiful CD you gave us, and we want to say thanks a lot again for your perfect organization and your kindness.
- Alessandro & Letizia Penasa, Italy, March 2008.

Oswaldo is super. [The trips] were great.
- Peter Menzel (Author of Hungry Planet What the World Eats), USA, March 2006.