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Known as the 'white city', Arequipa is surrounded by spectacular mountains, including the Misti Volcano. A feature of the city is its many beautiful buildings made of a light-colored volcanic stone called ashlar. The Santa Catalina Convent, perhaps the most fascinating colonial religious building in the country, was until recently home to almost 450 nuns, and due to its expansiveness, is considered “a city within a city”. Within a few blocks of the colonial Plaza de Armas are half a dozen churches well-deserving of a brief visit. Also, there are many small museums, one of them housing Juanita, the mummy which was found atop Ampato Mountain. Arequipa is the departing point to visit the Colca Canyon, arguably the world's deepest canyon with over 1 km from cliff to bottom. The canyon has many pre-Incan terraces, impressive scenery and friendly villages such as Chivay. From this small town we visit the Condor’s Cross (Cruz del Condor), a remarkable place where you can see flying Andean condors of varying sizes and ages!
Andean terraces<br />
Andean terraces
Cairns in the Andes<br />
Cairns in the Andes
Llama gathering<br />
Llama gathering
Andean condor<br />
Andean condor